IT Brushes For ULTA Airbrush Precision Smudger Brush #124

Only at ULTA!

Small, firm brush with tapered tip perfect for softening lines, smudging edges, and blending out color. Contoured brush head offers the ultimate control when applying eye shadow. Soften lines, smudge edges, and blend out color on the lids with precision. Great to use for smudging eyeliner and eye shadow.

  • Hair: Airbrush finish blurring synthetic brush hair
  • Handle: Makeup bag friendly
  • Lightweight, durable, rounded comfort-grip handle
  • Bonus: Rounded comfort grip

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Starting at the outer corner of the eye, use short feathery strokes, to smudge out shadow along the lash line or to blend shadow in the corner "v" of your eye for a dramatic look.

Beauty BFF Tip: To make your eyes appear wider, always line your eyes from inner to outer corner, along the lash line, never just go half way. Always line both top and bottom or just the top, but never jus the bottom. This will make eyes appear smaller.

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