Smashbox Always Sharp 3D Liner

Ditch your sharpener - but stay sharp and shimmer on! A liner with reflective, 3D pearls that glides on and self-sharpens every time you twist the cap off. Inspired by Smashbox pros who sharpen before every use on set, this first-of-its-kind pencil has a sharpener built right into the cap for a perfect tip - so you'll always get a precise line.

Shades include: Shades:

  • 3D Gemstone Midtone (brown berry with gold pearl)
  • 3D Galaxy (Black with silver pearl)
  • 3D Neptune (Intense blue with black undertones and blue pearl)
  • 3D Sparks (Black with gold pearl)
  • 3D Billionaire (Antiqued green with green and gold pearl)
  • 3D Pacific (Seafoam mint green)
  • 3D Orchid (Black with pink pearl)
  • 3D Gunmetal (Black grey with silver undertones)

(0.009 oz.)

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To maximize the shimmer factor and really make eyes sparkle, first line with a dark hue, then layer a lighter shade over it!

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