Kiehl's Facial Fuel Transformer Age Correcting Moisture-Gel for Men

  • Helps improve skin’s smoothness and fights the first signs of aging for men
  • Formulated with protein-charged Blue Algae, a rich source of Amino Acids, and Vitamin B
  • How to Apply:
    -Apply to clean skin day or night

    Squalane (Perhydrosqualene or perhydrosqualene vegetal) A signature Kiehl’s ingredient, Squalane is a botanical lipid that is similar in molecular structure to natural skin lipids. It has an exceptional affinity to skin, and because it’s easily absorbed, Squalane helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance to keep it extra soft and supple.

    Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) 

    Known for its affinity with skin and its powerful ability to improve the appearance of skin aging.

    Vitamin E

    Naturally occurring in plant leaves and skin, Vitamin E helps neutralize skin-damaging free radicals and has soothing moisturizing properties.

    Blue Algae

    The unique conditions of the U.S. Pacific Northwest make Blue Algae one of the most nutrient-rich whole foods, with powerful skin benefits, in the world. Blue Algae is packed with proteins and nutrients (such as Amino-Acids and Vitamin B) that are highly compatible to the skin.


    Silica is a naturally-derived optical diffuser that instantly hides visible signs of aging.

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