MAC Irresistibly Charming Pigments and Glitter / Blue

Original Price: $35.00
Sale Price: $26.25

Lose yourself in the magic of the evening, where the unexpected awaits. Sparked by an Irresistibly Charming allure, mini kits of Pigment and Glitter feature eye-catching hues that strut across the face in fearless blues. All packaged in a chic clutch that features the bold metallic hues of our holiday collection with ribbed black accents. The night is young. Anything can happen.
Warm Snow: Pure white frost, Silver Fog: Platinum silver, Naval Blue: Deep steel blue, Navy: Deep blue glitter PIGMENT

  • Non-caking
  • Non-streaking
  • Long-wearing

  • May be used on face, body and hair
  • Not recommended for use around eyes

PIGMENT 2.4 g/0.085 Us oz each

  • Apply with either a dry or wet brush depending on desired effect.

GLITTER 1.9g/0.07 US oz each
  • Mix with appropriate mixing mediums or use directly on skin.

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