MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact

This compact is sure to be a staple in your makeup bag. Its soft shades help to colour correct and subtly enhance skin tone. Can be used to set foundation or on bare, moisturized skin. Offers a beautiful velvety smooth, lightweight feel. Shades work well on all skin tones to enhance the look of perfected skin. This fine powder adheres flawlessly.

  • Neutralize: Soft yellow neutralizes red skin
  • Illuminate: Pastel lavender brightens sallow skin
  • Adjust: Muted peach brings warmth to dull skin
  • Recharge: Deep peach corrects blue/purple shadows
  • Oil-free
  • Controls shine

  • Apply using the 150, 134 or 168 brush over face.
  • Can be used to set foundation or on bare moisturized skin if foundation is not desired.

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