Spa Sonic PRO Skin Care System Face & Body Polisher - 8 Piece Professional Kit, Lavender 

Consistent Use Can Result in a Smoother, Clearer, Softer & More Radiant Complexion

  • 2 Speeds for Optimal Cleansing
  • Patented Ergonomic Design for Easy Handling
  • Safe & Effective for All Skin Types

Spa Sonic PRO Skin Care System Includes:

  • Face & Body Polishing Unit
  • Small Facial Brush
  • Large Body Brush
  • Pore Minimizer
  • Facial Buffer
  • Pumice Stone
  • Battery Four Pack
  • Storage/Travel Tote

Brand new to the market, from the makers of Spa Sonic, introducing the latest advance in skin care technology, the new Spa Sonic PRO Skin Care System - 8 piece Professional Face and Body Polisher is equipped with 2 speeds ideal for all skin types.  This professional cleansing system is proven to cleanse 6x deeper than hand washing alone.  The Spa Sonic PRO proved comparable in results and durability to the Clarisonic Plus in a study conducted by the leading independent consumer laboratory (2014).  Consistent use of the Spa Sonic PRO can result in a smoother, clearer, softer and more radiant complexion.  The patented ergonomic design offers great handling and operates with 5 attachments: large ultra lush brush for body cleansing, small ultra soft brush for face cleansing, pumice stone for rough areas like heels and elbows, facial buffer sponge for moisturizer absorption and our exclusive pore minimizing micro-silicone brush.  This deluxe kit includes a luxurious and convenient plush storage/travel tote.  The Spa Sonic PRO has already become the device of choice at leading high-end spas and salons, as well as with celebrities, models, estheticians and makeup artists. 

Helps cleanse 6x deeper than hand washing alone.  Designed with Clear Complexion Technology.  Water resistant - safe for use around the shower, sink and bath.  Recommended by dermatologists.  Helps tighten and reduce size of pores.  Supports the reduction of fine lines and dark spots.  

Five removable attachment heads offer a variety of benefits.  Small facial brush helps cleanse your face by getting 6x deeper than hand washing alone.  Large body brush helps cleanse entire body deeper than body sponges for a head to toe luxurious clean.  Facial sponge aids in moisturizer absorption and microdermabrasion to reduce fine lines and dark spots.  Pore Minimizer attachment gently massages and stimulates as it aids in the reduction of pore size promoting a clearer complexion.  Pumice stone targets rough spots, such as knees, elbows and heels to help buff away dead skin, promoting softer skin.

Long lasting AA battery four pack included.

©Spa Sonic

Sử dụng phù hợp cho Kết quả , rõ ràng hơn, Softer & More Radiant Complexion Smoother
  • 2 Tốc độ tối ưu cho Rửa Làm Sạch
  • Cấp bằng sáng chế Ergonomic thiết kế để dễ dàng xử lý
  • An toàn & hiệu quả cho tất cả các loại da
  • Hệ thống CHUYÊN NGHIỆP Chăm sóc da Spa Sonic Bao gồm:

  • Face & Body Polishing Unit
  •  Cọ Mặt Nhỏ 
  •  Cọ Body Lớn 
  • Làm Nhỏ Lỗ chân lông 
  • Mặt bộ đệm
  • Đá nổi
  • Pin Bốn Gói
  • Lưu trữ / Travel Tote

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