Tarte Swirl Power Contour & Bronzer Brush

Channel the power of Tarte's iconic Amazonian clay cheek formulas with this eco-chic, pro-quality brush innovation. The flat and versatile, kabuki-inspired brush allows you to sweep on all-over cheek color and hold the easy-grip handle down at slight angle to sculpt and slim the contours of the face - it's as easy as swirl, tilt & define!

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You're only two steps away from slimming and accentuating your best facial features - it's as easy as swirl, tilt & define!

  • Swirl: Swirl brush into your favorite powder blush and apply directly onto apples of cheeks as you would using a standard blush brush.
  • Tilt & Define: Tilt brush down at a slight angle to pick up your favorite bronzing or contouring shade and apply directly under cheekbones, underneath chin and across top of forehead for seamless sculpting.

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