IT Brushes For ULTA Velvet Luxe Soft Focus Sculpting Brush #315

Only at ULTA!

This brush is especially created to apply and blend makeup along all of the angles and curves of the face. Dense angled brush head is designed to seamlessly blend makeup into the skin, creating the look of definition. Pairs well with your favorite cream or powder.

With a gentle sweeping motion, blend into skin. For contour and definition, turn to an angle.


  • Hair: Ultra-dense, micro-fine Velvet Luxe Optical Blurring hair utilizes cutting edge technology for your most beautiful skin
  • Handle: Custom molded, soft-touch grip for maximum control
  • Handle Shape: Ergonomic design for Ultimate Comfort application

Comes with IT's own Luxury Velvet storage pouch.

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With a gentle sweeping motion blend into skin. For contour and definition, turn on an angle.

Beauty BFF Tip: All skin tones should contour to make the most of your beautiful features. Choose a contour color that is a shade darker and warmer than your natural tone. Choose a highlight shade that is a luminescent shade lighter and cooler than your natural tone.

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