Klairs Mid Day Blue Sun Lotion SPF40 PA++

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When you need Blue the most, Mid-day Blue Sun lotion SPF 40/PA++ 


UV protection X heat protection
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What standards do you have for your everyday sunscreen? KLAIRS Mid-day Blue Sun lotion is made to protect your skin from harsh UV rays as well as providing protection from direct heat to guard your sensitive skin from those miserable heatwaves.



Light application x spotless absorption

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The Mid-day Blue Sun lotion is a refreshing cream filled with hydration, and has a light, weightless finish without the oily feeling. When applied, it has a subtle glow that transforms into a feathery finish you won’t want to miss out on. 

Tone out the redness with H2O

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The Mid-day Blue Sun lotion in formulated with guaiazulene like the Blue cream to calm irritated skin as well as tone down the redness from harsh UV rays for the effortless, flawless skin tone everyone will be jealous of.



The Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion swatched on No.21 skin tone photographed in natural light. 
A difference in tone can be observed on areas it is and isn’t applied.



Everythingabout theBlue sun lotion

Q1. Why is the cream blue?
Guaiazulene, which is a key ingredient, gives it the characteristic blue color. 

Q2. What exactly do you mean by heat protection?
Sunlight can irritate the skin in forms of UV rays (light) and infrared (heat). According to various studies, one of the key factors of rapid aging in the skin is heat exposure. Therefore, UV protection as well as protecting the skin from heat is critical in sun care, which is why the Mid-day Blue sun lotion is designed to defend sensitive skin from both UV rays and infrared light. 

Q3. Can men use it as well?
The Mid-day Blue sun lotion provides a light, refreshing finish which is perfect for guys as well. However, the characteristic blue color from guaiazulene has a tone fixation effect that reduces redness in skin tones, which may not be for everyone. 

For reddish, flushed skin tone, the redness will be reduced by the gentle blue and will leave your skin looking clean & clear. 

For tan, darker skin tone, your skin tone may seem a bit lighter, so you may want to test with a sample before use. 

For all other skin tones, the tone isn't affected very much and the skin is left looking natural. 

Q4. Can I use it as a makeup base?
When applied with the hands, the skin tone brightens as a natural look, but for a slightly stronger tone fixation effect (as a makeup base would), try using a sponge for application and make sure to let the sun lotion absorb fully before applying makeup to prevent it from smearing.

*Results from the use of Beauty product above may vary depending upon the individual and will depend on multiple factors, including your age, gender, skin type and condition, use of other products used, health history, lifestyle, diet and others

Klairs Mid Day Blue Sun Lotion SPF40 PA++
Klairs Klairs Mid Day Blue Sun Lotion SPF40 PA++
UV Protection
MFG Date Subject to product received.


1) Apply 15minutes before going out in the sun.
2) At the last step of your skin care routine, apply an ample amount onto the face, ears, and neck.
3) When active outdoors, reapply every 2 hours as needed.


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