IT Brushes For ULTA Live Beauty Fully Buffing Bronzer Brush #213

Only at ULTA!

Large, loose fluffy dome cropped brush hair lays down the perfect amount of product for a sun-kissed glow. Use with your favorite bronzer all over face and body. Pairs well with your favorite finishing powder, bronzer and self-tanning product for face and body and perfect for highlighting facial contours.

  • Hair: Award-winning, IT Cosmetics Heavenly luxe ultra soft, synthetic hair
  • Unique detail: Exclusive logo designed by Jamie Kern Lima to inspire women to look, feel and live beautifully
  • Handle detail: Silver streamlined handle is weighted for controlled application and delivers a truly special experience
  • Handle shape: Artisan-crafted tapered handle for simple yet precise application

Brush was uniquely selected and designed to look and feel like an inspiring work of art.

To Live Beauty Fully is to give beautifully. For every Live Beauty Fully brush you purchase, IT Cosmetics will donate one brush to the Look Good, Feel Better program to help women face the effects of cancer treatments with confidence. Through this purchase, you are giving the gift of joy and beauty to another woman, and to yourself, and that is a beautiful thing! Together we are making the world more beautiful, one brush at a time. Now that's Living Beauty Fully.

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Buff into skin for fuller color or sweep for lighter color.

Beauty BFF Tip: To add warmth to the skin, apply all over your face in the places where the sun would naturally hit (forehead, nose, chin and tops of cheek).

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