Prestige Cosmetics Magic Pen

Prestige Cosmetics Magic Pen is an all-in-one: Lip, Eyes and Brow primer and liner featured in a retractable pencil and a sharpener included.

Unique and innovative magic pencil that has multiple uses:

  • Eye Primer: apply the magic pen on the eyelid and then apply eye shadow on top. It makes any eyeshadow more vibrant, crease-proof, waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer free.
  • Eyeshadow Liner Transformer: apply a thin or bold line on the lash line. Apply eyeshadow on top and it magically transforms any eyeshadow into a long wearing, water-proof and transfer-free eyeliner. You can create a wardrobe of eyeliners with a single magic liner! You can also design and define your crease - The Magic Pen allows you to create multidimensional makeup looks.
  • Lip Liner: it prevents lipstick feathering and you always get the perfect match! No worries about your lip liner being lighter or darker than your lipstick shade. You can also apply the magic pen all over your lips to improve lipstick wear.
  • Brow Liner and Primer: design your brows and fill in the gaps. Apply brow powder on top and you will have fuller, long lasting and well groomed brows all day long.
  • Semi-Permanent Tattoo: Draw your desired designed on skin with magic pen and apply any powder pigment on top to create unique semi-permanent tattoos.

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