IT Brushes For ULTA Velvet Luxe Empress Fan Brush #324

Only at ULTA!

This brush is designed for multiple beauty needs for both face and body. Jumbo luxe, ultra-soft brush hairs are designed to apply powder to your face and body seamlessly. Pairs well with your favorite powders.

In a sweeping motion, apply product on desired area of the face.


  • Hair: Award-winning, IT Cosmetics Heavenly luxe ultra soft, synthetic hair
  • Unique Detail: Exclusive Logo designed by Jamie Kern Lima to inspire women to look, feel and live beautifully
  • Handle Detail: Silver streamlined handle is weighted for controlled application and delivers a truly special experience
  • Handle Shape: Artisan-crafted tapered handle for simple yet precise application

Comes with IT's own Luxury Velvet storage pouch.

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In a sweeping motion, apply product in desired area on face.

Beauty BFF Tip: If your décolleté or shoulders are exposed, sweep an illuminizer over the tops of your shoulders and chest for a skin loving glow.

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