IT Brushes For ULTA Your Superheroes Full-Size Travel Brush Set

Only at ULTA!

Your Beauty Revealed! These are the brushes you want by your side for whatever the day (or night) may bring! Be your own beauty hero no matter where you are! Reveal your most beautiful you with 6 unstoppable brushes for full face flawless! IT will save time on your makeup routine. IT saves the day! Great brushes do the work for you!

A $100 value!


  • Unstoppable Powder: Plush, large domed brush head for even powder application
  • Seamless Foundation: Dense, tapered brush head in flat paddle shape
  • Effortless Crease: Narrow, tapered head designed to fit into the crease of the eye
  • Smoothing Concealer: Small thin, tapered flat brush head great for getting into small hard to reach areas of the face
  • Absolute Shadow: Small, soft rounded head designed for the delicate eye
  • Flawless Liner & Brow: Firm, flat angled brush

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Unstoppable Powder: Deliver a light, even dusting of powder all over the face by buffing small circular movements for the best coverage possible!

Seamless Foundation: Seamlessly blend primer and liquid or cream foundations smoothly over the face by blending in upward and outward strokes.

Effortless Crease Brush: Apply your darker eye shadow to the crease to create depth and make your eyes pop!

Absolute Shadow Brush: Blend shadow evenly all over the eyelid using gentle strokes for an eye-opening experience!

Flawless Liner & Brow Brush: Apply your favorite powder, liquid or cream liner or brow products as this brush softly lines lids and fills in and enhances thin or sparse brows.

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